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Life is a combination of magic and pasta

Our Dishes

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Bruschetta al pomodoro vegan icon

Freshly chopped tomatoes on our home-made toasted bread. With onion, basil and extra virgin oil.
£ 4.95

Bruschetta ai funghi

Toasted bread topped with pan cooked mushrooms, balsamic vinegar and fresh thyme.
£ 4.95

Garlic Bread vegan icon

Pizza base bread with garlic, rosemary and extra
virgin oil. Add tomato sauce (+.50) or mozzarella
cheese (+1.00).
£ 5.95

Cestino di pane vegetarian icon

Home baked bread served with butter, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin oil.
£ 2.95

Olive gluten-free icon vegan icon

Mixed olives marinated in our signature sauce.
£ 2.50

Zuppa del giorno gluten-free icon vegan icon

Piping hot soup of the day served with croutons.
£ 4.95


Whole squid fried, beautifully served with tartar sauce.
£ 5.95

Salmone Affumicato gluten-free icon

Smoked salmon filled with creamy soft cheese and served with fresh cucumber.
£ 6.95

Gamberoni gluten-free icon

Pan cooked king prawns in a delicate spicy sauce.
£ 8.94


Crispy rice balls filled with melting mozzarella and beef.
£ 5.25


Classic meatballs in tomato sauce.
£ 5.45

Caprino grigliato vegetarian icon

Grilled goat’s cheese, served with caramelized walnuts and red wine reduction.
£ 5.95

Tagliere di affettati gluten-free icon

15.95 for 2 people / 7.95 for 1 person
Crispy goat cheese croquettes served with peppers sauce.
£ 7.95

Tagliere vegetariano gluten-free icon vegetarian icon

12.95 for 2 people / 6.95 for 1 person
Grilled and fresh vegetables, Italian cheeses and other delicacies.
£ 6.95

Tagliere di pesce

16.95 for 2 people / 8.95 for 1 person
Our finest selection of fresh seafood of the day.
£ 8.94

Risotto Verde gluten-free icon vegan icon

Pea, fresh mint and sun-dried tomato risotto
£ 9.94

Gnocchi alle capesante vegetarian icon

Soft potato dumplings served with scallops, courgette, white wine sauce and crispy rocket salad.
£ 14.95


Perfect layered pasta sheets with Bolognese sauce and béchamel cream.
£ 9.94

Spaghetti Carbonara

Crispy pancetta, egg and enough cream to make it special.
£ 10.45

Paccheri Gratinati

Tube shaped pasta gratinated with ham, cauliflower and provolone cheese.
£ 11.95

Spaghetti Bolognese

Our slow-cooked tomato and beef sauce goes perfectly with this long pasta.
£ 10.95

Ravioli al pistacchio vegetarian icon

Fresh pasta parcels filled with ricotta cheese, wild mushrooms and served with pistachio pesto sauce.
£ 11.95

Linguine ai frutti di mare

Thin pasta ribbons with mixed seafood served in tomato and white wine sauce.
£ 14.95

Penne Amatriciana

Short pasta with crispy pancetta and a fairly spicy tomato sauce.
£ 10.95

Penne a pesto vegetarian icon

Penne pasta cooked with homemade pesto and cherry tomato. Topped with toasted pine nuts.
£ 10.95

Risotto allo zafferano gluten-free icon

King prawns, asparagus and saffron risotto.
£ 13.95

Filetto Rossini

8oz fillet steak with paté in a rich Madeira sauce served on a slice of toasted bread.
£ 22.95

Filetto Diana gluten-free icon

8oz fillet steak with mushrooms in brandy and mustard sauce.
£ 22.95

Filetto al Pepe gluten-free icon

8oz fillet steak in green pepper creamy sauce.
£ 22.95

Vitello Romana

Thin slices of veal escalope topped with Parma ham & sage and cooked in a white wine sauce. Served with mash potato.
£ 14.95

Maiale alla Peroni gluten-free icon

Pancetta wrapped pork fillet, cooked in Peroni beer sauce and served with mash potato.
£ 17.95

Vitello al Marsala gluten-free icon

Veal escalopes slowly cooked in Marsala and herbs sauce.
£ 14.95

Pollo ai funghi gluten-free icon

Grilled chicken breast in a creamy mushroom sauce.
£ 12.95

Pollo alla Napoli gluten-free icon

Grilled chicken breast cooked in a spicy tomato sauce with peppers and olives.
£ 12.95

Agnello al forno gluten-free icon

£ 17.95

Branzino grigliato gluten-free icon

Grilled sea bass drizzled with Italian dressing and served on a bed of courgetti & carrot carpaccio.
£ 16.95

Halibut alla livornese gluten-free icon

Pan fried halibut steak with cherry tomato, capers, olives and white wine spicy sauce. Served with wilted spinach.
£ 20.95

Salmone gluten-free icon

Oven cooked salmon fillet served with shellfish and prawns in white wine sauce.
£ 17.95

Lenticchie e polenta vegan icon

Grilled cornmeal cake to dip in lentils and tomato sauce.
£ 10.95

Patate in padella gluten-free icon vegetarian icon

Sautéed potatoes with onions.
£ 3.45

Zucchine vegetarian icon

Crispy batons of courgette.
£ 3.45

Insalata mista gluten-free icon vegan icon

Mixed salad.
£ 2.95

Patatine gluten-free icon vegan icon

Straight cut fries.
£ 2.95

Verdure gluten-free icon vegan icon

Boiled mix vegetables.
£ 2.95

Spinaci gluten-free icon vegetarian icon

Spinach in cream sauce.
£ 3.45

Margherita vegetarian icon

The classic; tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese on thin base.
£ 9.44

Regina vegetarian icon

Tomato and mozzarella cheese base topped with spinach, goat cheese and caramelized onion.
£ 11.95

Prosciutto e Funghi

Tomato and mozzarella cheese with mushrooms and ham.
£ 11.45


Spicy tomato sauce with hot pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and peppers.
£ 11.95


Tomato and mozzarella sauce with diced chicken breast, crunchy potatoes and rosemary.
£ 11.95

Zuppa del giorno vegetarian icon

Piping hot soup of the day served with croutons


Fried whole squid served with rum & lime mayonnaise

Crochetta di patate vegetarian icon

Porcini mushroom, onion and potato croquette served with spicy red pepper sauce

Spiedino gamberoni gluten-free icon

King prawns and vegetables skewer served with sweet chilli sauce

Bruschetta invernale

Bruschetta topped with Parma ham and melted blue cheese

Mozzarella in carrozza gluten-free icon

Breaded mozzarella with ham served in a tomato sauce

Piatto di pasta

Any pasta or risotto you like from the main menu.

Pollo Valdostana gluten-free icon

Breast of chicken cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and served with mixed vegetables

Tilapia in crosta di patate

Fillet of tilapia, topped with thinly sliced potatoes and served with parsnip purée

Crespelle gratinate vegetarian icon

Gratinated pancake stuffed with ricotta and mushroom

Polpettone ripieno

Meatloaf stuffed with vegetables, cooked in a red wine and served with grilled polenta


Savoiardi sponge fingers soaked in coffee and liquor and covered with mascarpone cream

Torta Al Formaggio

Melon cheesecake with tangy apple sauce

Apple Strudel gluten-free icon

Homemade apple strudel served with custard

Chicken nuggets with chips

Pasta gluten-free icon vegetarian icon

Your choice of penne or spaghetti with meatballs, bolognese or plain tomato sauce

Mini Pizza vegetarian icon

Choose between Margherita, Pepperoni or Ham & Mushrooms

Fish fingers with chips

One scoop of ice cream

Mint chocolate or strawberry or vanilla or chocolate.
(with whipped cream and biscuits!)

Enjoy with a glass (50ml) of:
Taylor's LBV (Portugal) 4.95

Crème Brulee

Orange and cinnamon crème brulee topped with caramelised sugar
£ 4.95

Torta Al Formaggio

Oven baked vanilla cheesecake with cherry topping
£ 4.95

Profiteroles Al Cioccolato

Two choux pastry buns filled with cream and covered in a chocolate sauce
£ 4.95


Savoiardi sponge fingers soaked in coffee and liquor and covered with mascarpone cream
£ 4.95

Torta Al Cioccolato

Homemade chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream
£ 4.95

Piatto Di Formaggi vegetarian icon

Selection of Italian cheeses served with biscuits and fruits
£ 7.45

Nardini 40

Nose: A rich, complex aroma and a soft, light fragrance. Palate: Grape and wood notes with a hint of chocolate, roasted nuts and peppery spice.
£ 4.45

Ginepro del Grappa

Nose: Intense aroma, characterised by the balsamic fragrance of the juniper berries. Palate: Sweet, yet dry and distinct juniper taste.
£ 4.45


Clean, warming, and intense, the Elisi Grappa wafts with scents of chocolate-wrapped cherry, orchard fruits, caramel, toasted nuts and a touch of spice.
£ 4.45

Pinot Nero di Franciacorta

Nose: Intense notes of small red fruits. Palate: Sharp, with a delicate tickle on the tongue. Aftertaste of candied fruits.
£ 4.45

Nardini 50

Nose: Frank, generous and immediate fragrance. Palate: Balanced, intense and dry.
£ 5.45


Nose: Intense, with a touch of honey and blossom. Some hight tones and a little mint. Palate: Grapey and violets.
£ 4.45


£ 2.10

Double Espresso

£ 2.45


£ 2.10


£ 2.45


£ 2.45


£ 2.95

Hot Chocolate

£ 2.95


Camomile, Green tea, Mint tea, Earl grey, English breakfast
£ 1.95

Liquor Coffee

£ 5.45


Three egg omelette with spinach, onion and mushroom (v)
Three egg omelette with ham and Provolone cheese
£ 6.95

Granola & yoghurt

Natural Greek yoghurt served with granola and berries compote
£ 5.45


A stack of 3 pancakes served with fresh berries, maple syrup and warm chocolate sauce
£ 6.95


Pain au chocolat
Pain au raisin
£ 2.25


Two free range eggs, bacon, pork sausage, tomato, mushroom, hash brown, baked beans, toast
£ 7.95

Uova e focaccia

Choice of eggs (scrambled, fried or poached) served on toasted focaccia
Add bacon £1.50
Add smoked salmon £2.50
Add spinach £1.50
£ 5.95


Two free range eggs, vegetarian sausage, mushroom, tomato, hash brown, baked beans, toast
£ 6.95

Trio di Pesce

Scallops in thermidor, grilled king prawns and battered oyster

Zuppa ai Legumi

Winter legumes soup served with toasted Altamura bread topped with melted parmesan cheese

Polipo Grigliato

Grilled octopus served with peas and spicy red pepper purée

Raviolo Gigante

Raviolo filled with venison and wild boar meat, served with Nduja & tomato sauce

Crespella Porcini e Tartufo

Pancake stuffed with ricotta and porcini mushroom, served with provolone sauce and truffle shavings

All main courses are served with seasonal vegetables


Roast turkey served with all the trimmings

Coda di Rospo allo Zafferano

Monkfish and fresh clams cooked in a white wine and saffron sauce

Filetto alla Vaniglia

Grilled 8oz beef fillet served with savoury vanilla sauce and grilled sweet potato

Stinco D’Agnello al Barolo

Slowly cooked lamb shank in Barolo & mint sauce served with aubergine and potato mash


Traditional fish soup made with mixed seafood and served with crispy bread

Terrina Vegetariana

Roasted vegetables and goat’s cheese terrine served with beetroot purée

All main courses are served with seasonal vegetables

Panettone sponge stuffed with ricotta, candied fruit and grated chocolate. Served with custard.

Torta Rocher

Hazelnuts and chocolate tart

Christmas pudding

Traditional English Christmas cake served with brandy sauce


Cheese plate served with grapes and crackers

Zuppa alla Zucca

Homemade butternut squash soup served with toasted rosemary croutons

Caprino fritto

Thyme and honey infused goat’s cheese, wrapped in a filo pastry, served with rocket and toasted walnuts

Scrigno agli Spinaci

Oven baked pasta parcel filled with ricotta and mixed vegetables. Presented on a bed of tomato purée

Pate di Pollo

Chicken liver pate with homemade apple and cinnamon chutney

Insalata di Gamberi

Prawn cocktail served with Sapore’s “Mary Rose” sauce, shredded gem lettuce and mandarins


Roast breast of turkey served with all the trimmings

Cosce D’Anatra

Confit duck leg with sweet potato mash and cherry sauce

Merluzzo alla Mugnaia

Cod fillet served with crushed potatoes and white wine garlic sauce

Risotto ai Funghi

Risotto with wild mushrooms and chestnuts

Tagliatelle agli Scampi

Long ribbon shaped pasta with langoustines and tomato & brandy sauce

Risotto Lenticchie e spinachi

Risotto with lentils and spinach

Dolce di Natale

Christmas pudding, served with brandy sauce

Torta al Formaggio

Lemon cheesecake with forest fruits sauce

Crostata al Cioccolato

Chocolate tart served with salted caramel ice cream

Crème Brulee

Orange infused crème brulee

Aperol Spritz

Aperol, prosecco and soda water
£ 7.95


Boigin, Campari, Silvio Carta Vermouth
£ 8.75

Old Fashioned

Woodford Reserve, sugar, orange bitters
£ 8.94


Peach purée topped with prosecco
£ 7.95

Berny’s Apple Pie

Kraken rum, apple juice, honey, fresh lemon juice
£ 8.94

Italian Mule

Grappa, fresh lemon juice, ginger beer
£ 8.94

Pink Gin Cocktail

Pigskin pink gin, lemonade, prosecco
£ 9.50

Sapore Espresso Martini

Kettle one vodka, Borghetti coffee liqueur, sugar syrup, espresso coffee
£ 8.94

Grove 42 Spritz

Seedlip Grove 42, fresh mint, lime juice, ginger beer
£ 6.25

Sweet dreams

Orange juice, pineapple juice, peach purée, lemon juice, lemonade
£ 6.25

Kettle one

£ 3.95

Snow queen

£ 4.45


£ 4.45

Vecchia Romagna

£ 3.95

Martell VSOP

£ 5.95

Jack Daniels

£ 3.95

Woodford Reserve

£ 4.45


£ 3.95

Johnnie Walker Black

£ 4.45

Highland Park 12y

£ 4.45

Laphroaig 10yo

£ 5.45

Glenfiddich 15yo

£ 6.45


£ 3.95


£ 4.25


£ 5.45


£ 3.45


£ 3.45


£ 3.95

Tia Maria

£ 3.95


£ 3.45


£ 3.45


£ 3.45


£ 2.45

Amaro Montenegro

£ 3.45


£ 3.95

Fernet Branca

£ 3.45

Branca Menta

£ 3.45

Baileys (50ml)

£ 4.45

Campari (50ml)

£ 4.45

Pimm’s (50ml)

£ 3.95

Bombay Sapphire

£ 3.95

Boigin Italian Gin

£ 3.75

Malfy Con Limone

£ 4.45


£ 4.45

Pigskin Italian Pink Gin

£ 4.45

Cotswold Dry Gin

£ 4.95

Stratford Gin

£ 4.95


£ 5.45

Moretti 33cl

£ 3.95

Peroni GF 33cl

£ 3.95

Moretti Zero 33cl

£ 3.95

Mela Rossa Cider

£ 3.95

Rekordeling 50cl

£ 4.95

Rock’n’Roll 33cl

£ 5.50

Isaac 33cl

£ 5.50

Spaceman 33cl

£ 5.50

Terminal 33cl

£ 5.50

La Zia 33cl

£ 5.50

Coke/Diet coke

£ 2.95


£ 2.95


£ 2.95

Schweppes tonic

£ 2.45

Schweppes slim tonic

£ 2.45

Ginger Ale

£ 2.45

Ginger beer

£ 2.45

Orange/Passion F. J2O

£ 2.95

Panna Aqua

£ 2.95

San Pellegrino

£ 2.95

S.Pellegrino lemon

£ 2.95

S.Pellegrino orange

£ 2.95

Prosecco DOC Extra Dry, La Casada (Treviso)

Refreshing and crispy dry with plenty of aromatic flavour.
wine glass small icon £ 5.95
wine bottle icon £ 24.95

Rosato Vino Frizzante, Villa Domiziano (Veneto)

Lovely pink light sparkles. Stunning pink in colour with violet reflexes. Fruity on the nose with floral hints and notes of strawberry and cherry. Fresh and delicate with a very light perlage.
£ 24.95

Franciacorta DOCG, Castello di Gussago (Lombardia)

This NV has an excellent nose that is dominated by floral notes akin to daisy and fresh white roses. The palate is rich with just enough acidity to cut through the rich, textural palate. A nice streak of minerality dances down the tongue next to toasty and nutty notes, with some yellow peaches in there too.
£ 49.95

Bardolino Chiaretto DOC, Pasqua, 2018 (Veneto)

A stylish and light strawberry pink in colour wine from the area west of Verona reaching to Lake Garda. Fresh, fruity and juicy with plenty of soft red berry fruits!
wine glass small icon £ 5.45
wine glass icon £ 7.45
wine bottle icon £ 21.95

Pinot Grigio, Ardesia, 2018 (Veneto)

Salmon pink in colour. Light, fresh and fruity aroma. Aromatic notes of freshly crushed cranberries and mineral elements. Dry and light to taste. Delicious balance of cherry fruits and fruity red berry aromas.
£ 24.95

Monferrato Bianco, Il Rocchin, 2018 (Piemonte)

The aroma is fruity with grapefruit marks and a persistent grassy background. On the palate is crisp and slightly harmonious.
wine glass small icon £ 4.95
wine glass icon £ 6.95
wine bottle icon £ 19.95

Pinot Grigio, Il Torrione, 2018 (Puglia)

Light, straw colour. Fine, elegant, clean and intense in aroma. Dry to taste with a pleasant green apple aftertaste. A lively and easy to drink wine.
wine glass small icon £ 5.45
wine glass icon £ 7.45
wine bottle icon £ 21.95

Chardonnay, Bellaretta, 2018 (Abruzzo)

This Chardonnay is intensely fruity on the nose with clear notes of exotic fruits elegant floral honey and vanilla perfumes at the end. Full bodied and well-structured with long lasting flavours.
wine glass small icon £ 5.75
wine glass icon £ 7.75
wine bottle icon £ 22.95

Sauvignon Blanc, Ardesia, 2018 (Veneto)

Medium lemon colour with greenish reflects. Aromatic and fruity notes on the nose and palate. Dry, light and refreshing.
wine glass small icon £ 5.95
wine glass icon £ 7.95
wine bottle icon £ 24.50

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC, Monte Schiavo 2018 (Marche)

An aroma is fragrant with hints of freshly ripened apricot. The palate is deep and lasting, pleasant, slightly bitter aftertaste reminiscent of bitter almonds.
£ 25.45

Insolia, Cusumano, 2018 (Sicily)

An intense fruity bouquet that almost jumps from the glass with apple & white flower notes. Fresh & balanced on the palate with stone fruit flavours & a harmonious, pleasant finish.
£ 27.50

Gewurztraminer, Cantine Colterenzio, 2017 (Alto Adige)

Golden yellow in colour, spicy in aroma and flavour, reminiscent of yellow roses, cloves, lychees and nutmeg. Luscious and powerful on the palate with an elegant, dry and aromatic finish.
£ 28.95

Cortese, Gavi di Gavi DOCG, Il Rocchin, 2018 (Piemonte)

A subtle and frank bouquet of good intensity with orange blossom. In the mouth it’s crisp, dry with a subtle scent of citrus and almond with a pleasantly bitter and a persistent finish.
£ 29.95

Rioja Blanco, Cueva De Lobos, Javier San Pedro Ortega, 2018 (Rioja/Spain)

On the nose, varietal aromas and fruity intensity. Floral nuances with citric notes. Tropical fruit aromas stand out: banana, pineapple and melon. On the palate, it is well-structured and gentle. Pleasant and well-balanced acidity that gives it freshness. Very tasty wine.
£ 27.95

Sauvignon Blanc, Willow’s End, 2018 (Marlborough/New Zealand)

Willow's End displays typical Sauvignon Blanc characteristic. Herbaceous and grassy on the nose, with tropical and gooseberry flavours on the palate.
£ 28.95

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Terrabuona (Abruzzo)

Ruby red in colour with violet reflections. Delicate aromas of small red berry fruits, wild cherry and a hint of spice. It is full-bodied on the palate, well-structured with soft and well-balanced tannins.
wine glass small icon £ 4.95
wine glass icon £ 6.95
wine bottle icon £ 19.95

Merlot, Cantine Mediterranee, 2018 (Trevenezie)

Ruby red colour with violet reflections. Red fruits notes with elegant and supple tannins. Intense flavours with a good structure.
wine glass small icon £ 5.45
wine glass icon £ 7.45
wine bottle icon £ 21.95

Primitivo, La Volieria, Sudvini, 2017 (Salento)

Soft and smooth with jammy fruit notes of dried fig, blueberries, baked blackberries and robust acidity. Black cherry and tobacco notes on the palate.
wine glass icon £ 8.50
wine glass small icon £ 5.95
wine bottle icon £ 24.50

Malbec, 'Keltehue', Don Manuel Villafane, 2018 (Mendoza/Argentina)

Deep inky red in colour. Rich on the nose with black and red berry fruit notes. Smooth and silky to taste with a well-balanced and long pleasing finish. Argentinian Malbec tends to have mellower tannin than its French counterpart and this is a perfect example.
wine glass small icon £ 6.75
wine glass icon £ 9.50
wine bottle icon £ 28.50

Chianti DOCG, Vista Dei Cipressi, 2018 (Tuscany)

Cherry dominates the aromas, supported by hints of raspberries and soft tannins on the palate.
£ 24.95

Nero d’Avola DOC, Cusumano, 2018 (Sicily)

THE Sicilian grape. This is a red wine of unmistakeable personality. Harmonious & rounded with intense aromas of jammy fruits & juniper berries.
£ 27.50

Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore DOC, Campagnola, 2017 (Veneto)

Intense ruby red in colour. A spicy bouquet with intense aromas of ripe cherry and jam. Dry, full, soft flavour in the mouth with a very pleasant bitter finish.
£ 34.50

Barolo DOCG, Dezzani, 2014 (Piemonte)

Intense nose of black pepper, black cherries and spices. Well balanced and expressive with young, ripe tannins and an intense, medium finish.
£ 49.95

Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOCG, Monteci, 2011 (Veneto)

Aroma is intense with perfume of spices, cherry jam, red berries. On the palate the wine is intense and extremely persistent, velvety, full-bodied
£ 54.95

Rioja Tinto Joven, Cueva De Lobos, Javier San Pedro Ortega, 2018 (La Rioja/ Spain)

On the nose, it is clean wine where fruit and floral aromas stand out. On the palate, it is a balanced, structured
and strong wine. It has a long and balanced finish, full of primary aromas where liquorice notes also appear.
£ 27.95

Pinot Noir, Sibaris Gran Reserva 2016 (Leyda Valley/Chile)

This is an elegant wine, ruby-coloured with medium intensity. The aromas are bursting by red fruit, morello cherries, strawberries and fresh herbs. On the palate it reveals morello cherries and pomegranate complemented by gentle tannins and fine oak. Fresh, elegant and persistent on the finish.
£ 31.95
vegetarian icon = Vegetarian
vegan icon = Vegan
gluten-free icon = Gluten-Free
(Pastas can be made GF upon request)
Please inform the staff if you have any allergy/intolerance/sensitivity. Our food is prepared in a kitchen where allergenic ingredients may be present, so we can not guarantee that our dishes are 100% allergen-free.
We update our menus frequently so prices and dishes might not be up to date


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